Brault AT THE Gladstone in 2020

Will Somers: Last Will and Testament

Playing at The Gladstone Theatre  January 14 – 25, 2020

Thanks to all of you who made it to the show!

Will Somers came Back!  History’s greatest fool returned to the Gladstone with exciting and rollicking new tales from the ever intriguing court of the Tudors. After keeping his head during the bloody reign of Henry VIII, Will used all his cunning, wit and wisdom to survive an even greater challenge… Henry’s children! From Edward VI, to Bloody Mary to Elizabeth I, the audience journied with Will on his ever fascinating, often harrowing and frequently hilarious journey through one of history’s greatest epochs.

5 O’Clock Bells

Playing at The Gladstone Theatre February 10 – 22, 2020

For tickets call 613-233-4523 or click here to purchase online.

Lenny Breau was one of the most influential guitarist of the 20th century. The pride of Winnipeg, Lenny’s harmonic accomplishments on the guitar were in sharp contrast to his turbulent and discordant life. From initial success with his parents in country music to his revolutionary conversion to jazz, to Breau’s untimely murder,  5 O’Clock Bells vibrates with energy.


DIEF The Chief: October 1962

Playing at The Gladstone Theatre – New Dates Will Be Announced

For tickets call 613-233-4523 or click here to purchase online.

October 1962. Soviet ships are charging the American blockade around Cuba. The world is on the brink of thermonuclear war. Meanwhile, in Canada, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, is enjoying a majority government, popularity, and a lovely fall day picking flowers with his wife. All that changes with the arrival of a personal letter from J.F. Kennedy.

Join Dief as he navigates his way through the ultimate crisis that could see neighbours on both sides fight a nuclear war with Canada, literally in the middle. The personal cost to him will be great as he deals with a demanding President, a divided cabinet, and a fierce opposition.

From the pen of multi-award winning actor/playwright Pierre Brault, writer of such hits as Blood on the Moon, Portrait of an Unidentified Man, and Will Somers: Keeping your Head, a riveting portrait of one of Canada’s unsung leaders.


Pierre Brault is perhaps best known for writing, performing and touring his multi-award winning solo shows with Sleeping Dog Theatre, 5 O’Clock Bells (GCTC co-production; national tour; Rideau Awards for Outstanding Male Actor and Outstanding New Creation), Portrait of an Unidentified Man (NAC co-production; Canadian and New Zealand tours), and Blood on the Moon (Capital Critics Circle & Montreal English Critics’ Circle Awards: Best Actor). Other recent credits include The Shadow Cutter (GCTC), The Fan (Odyssey Theatre), Twelfth Night (Ottawa Theatre School), Macbeth (St. Lawrence Shakespeare), The Ecstasy of Rita Joe (NAC/Western Canada Theatre), Macbeth (NAC/Citadel),The Man from the Capital (GCTC), A Night in November (Seven Thirty Productions, Capital Critics Circle Award: Best Actor), Doctor Faustus (Third Wall Theatre), and The Barber of Seville (Opera Lyra Ottawa). Other acting credits include Stones in his Pockets, No Great Mischief, An Acre of Time (Capital Critics’ Circle Award: Best Actor) and The Collected Works of Billy the Kid (all GCTC); The Odyssey, Angel Square,Twelfth Night and The Secret Garden (all NAC); Kings of the Kilburn High Road (Seven Thirty Productions), Vanya (NAC/Citadel), and An Acre of Time (Tarragon Theatre). Pierre was GCTC’s playwright-in-residence in 2006-07 and again in 2009-10. He has appeared in numerous films and has also worked extensively as a comedian touring regularly across Canada. Pierre is the recipient of the inaugural Audrey Ashley Award for his body of work contribution to the Ottawa theatre scene.